About Us

Our Mission

The SilverLogic transforms clients’ ideas and the vision of their ideal business into reality by enhancing client experience or reducing operating costs, aiming for a result in their investment paying for itself. Whether it’s customizing out-of-the-box software, supporting start-ups, or developing custom solutions, we work collaboratively with clients from start to finish so users, staff, and/or customers get the experience they need to deliver the results your business deserves.


37 Software Engineers

5 Designers

5 Full Stack QA Engineers

8 Product Owners

3 Scrum Master

2 Marketing & Operations Professionals

4 Directors

and you?

Our Process

  1. At the initial consult we'll discuss the problem you see and your solution. What is your vision as far as UI/UX? Any similar existing apps or platforms?

  2. If you are curious, we'll explain Agile/Scrum, the project management methodology we use. Iterative development is a key tool to a fast-paced development and refinement cycle we use at The SilverLogic.

  3. Are we looking at an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), market-ready product, or something in between? We'll provide our own insights as to what will be needed to get you there.

  4. Next we can perform complexity assessment, refine scope, prepare quotes, and obtain approval to begin work.

  1. The requirements documentation is what defines the who, what, where, when and why of your application, in the form of explicit user 'stories'. This minimizes wasteful back-and-forth.

  2. Core design elements will be established and your brand's identity will be defined for initial marketing efforts. Need a blog to boost SEO visibility? Analytics? We have you covered.

  3. Wireframes are mockup 'drawings' of your project's flow. You'll at this point be able to see and use basic layout components and experience how the user gets from point A to B.

  4. The last step before development begins is establishing milestones–whether they'll be for an existing business's operational improvements or to garner early stage investment capital.

  1. Iterative Development means coding cyclically. Whether the project will depend on strictly prescribed milestones or you'll need the flexibility to outwit your competition — we'll be able to handle whatever is thrown at us.

  2. Beta testing is perhaps the most exciting part of the process: you can see the earliest of early adopters' reactions to your new application and make the necessary improvements to ensure it's a hit.

  3. Upon end of each iteration you'll receive detailed reports noting completed deliverables and what is planned for the coming development sprint.

  4. Maintenance/Continuous development is where we become an insurance policy for your application: hosting, server maintenance, building out new features, whatever it'll need for the long haul.


Build your competitive edge.