Alexa skill development


Alexa skill development


Amazon’s Alexa comes with a variety of basic abilities, called skills, that interact with different programs and providers to respond to users’ voice commands. Alexa has the ability to learn new skills that are built for the voice service. The SilverLogic develops custom Alexa skills for our clients to create a more convenient and intuitive way to interact with their applications and websites.

What We Do


  • Developers work with clients to discover new and useful ways to interact with Alexa.


  • Designers and developers plan how the interaction will happen.
  • They decide what the user says to make the request and how Alexa responds to it.


  • Developers create the code to put the new skill into action.
  • They create flash briefing skills, smart home skills, video skills, game skills, and more.

How We Do It

Useful Tools

  • Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) – collection of APIs, tools, documentation, and code samples.

Technical Aptitude

  • Experience designing and creating custom skills for Alexa.

Dedication to Innovation

  • Drive to explore the full range of technological possibilities to remain ahead of the curve.

Have an idea for an Alexa Skill?
We want to help make it happen.