Augmented Reality



“I view AR like I view the silicon here in my iPhone, It’s not a product per se — it’s a core technology.” Tim Cook


Augmented reality (AR) is any technology that superimposes computer generated images over a user’s real-life worldview, adding another dimension to the world we see. AR technology is still a new field of development and there are endless possibilities for software that incorporate it into their design. The SilverLogic is continually exploring AR features and developing custom programs for users to experience this new reality.

What We Do


  • Development teams collaborate with clients to come up with creative, entertaining, and useful ways to use augmented reality.


  • Designers and developers design the functionality of the program and create the images that will appear.
  • They consider the UI/UX of the program to ensure that it is convenient, intuitive, and delightful.


  • Developers create augmented reality solutions programs for iOS and Android phones, tablets, and other AR devices.
  • They build location-based or marker-based AR programs.

How We Do It

Useful Tools

  • Apple’s ARKit, ARPA SDK’s, DroidAR, Metaio SDK, Vuforia SDK, Wikitude SDK and ARLab SDK.

Technical Aptitude

  • Experience designing images and interactive programs, and writing and maintaining code for augmented reality programs.

Dedication to Innovation

  • Passion for leading technological innovations and a desire to remain ahead of the curve.

Have an idea for an AR application?
We want to help make it happen.