Virtual Environments For Local Backends

  Running Backend Locally As a standard, many repositories for the back end API and Admin are coded in Python, more specifically Django. Each project has it’s own requirements, including the Python environment itself. To help manage the dependencies for each project we use virtual environments; we set up a virtual python environment for each project to run. It solves …

Emerge Hackathon 2016 – TSL Takes it Again


After 30 hours of coding, designing, copywriting, plotting presentation strategy and struggling to keep their sore, itchy eyelids open, TSL took 2nd place in the IronHack / Emerge Hackathon 2016, its second consecutive year placing in the top three (in 2015 TSL took the top spot). This year’s event saw over 200 participants comprising 46 competing teams–so many, in fact, …

Update Max Upload Filesize in php.ini on Apache


1. Log into the server $ ssh 2. Edit the apache php config vim /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini 3. In the php.ini search for upload_max_filesize and set it to the desired size, e.g. 5MB upload_max_filesize = 5M 4. (Optional) Make sure that the post_max_size is large enough. Search for post_max_size. 5. Save your changes (hint: in vim use :wq 6. Now for …

Agile Marketing: It’s Marketing, Intensified


The End of Big: The Evolution of Agile Marketing: The meticulously designed marketing campaign, agonized over for weeks and months, may be going the way of the dinosaur.

Scam Detection: Scams, Spam, and Streak

Cyber Theft

Inbox Mysteries – Scam Detection Amid relentless JIRA updates, resumes from prospective developers, and correspondence from  current clients, I occasionally receive cold inquiries for new projects via email, rather than through our site’s lead system. One such message appeared a few days ago which triggered my internal scam detection. It read, warts and all: Good Day, Am Linda, am hearing …

“What Is Code” Demystifies Development for the Rest of Us

It’s not difficult to imagine that “What is Code” will become regarded as a seminal introductory text and required reading for CFOs and nascent development bootcampers alike. And beyond that, it’s beautifully effective writing. In this era of lazy, quickie clickbait pieces, it’s delightfully refreshing to see tech writing evolve to utilize every tool available. While it seems a little strange that these interactive tools have never been integrated with online long-form journalism in quite this way, I hope it’s not the last.

Git Fire Drill – Background

A git fire drill is a pseudo-surprise git pop quiz given to a consenting participant victim. The victim is given access to a repo and told to complete a short task within a short time interval.