PHP Developer

Location: Boca Raton (remote OK)
We're looking for a PHP developer based in the western hemisphere.


  • Work with a team using Git and related tools to create working software
  • Work with legacy PHP codebases to:
    • Fix bugs
    • Create new features
    • Improve code quality / reduce technical debt
  • Work on custom software projects to build solutions from scratch
  • Learn new technologies/tools as needed to complete your duties
  • Attend 15 minute daily stand up virtual meetings
  • Attend weekly planning virtual meetings

Personal Requirements

  • Fluent in both written and verbal English
  • Timezone between UTC-2 and UTC-8
  • Available between 9AM-11AM Eastern Time for weekly/daily virtual meetings
  • Available between 4PM-5PM Eastern Time for weekly virtual meetings

Technical Requirements

  • Experience using Git in a collaborative environment
  • 1+ years PHP experience
  • Willing to learn new technologies such as Python/Django and React
  • Access to a Linux or Mac machine to work on

Bonus Points

  • Linux/Unix experience
  • Experience with one or more of
    • Python/Django
    • JavaScript/React
    • React Native
    • iOS (Objective-c / Swift)
    • Android (Java)
  • Experience with any of
    • Ansible (We use this one)
    • Salt
    • Chef
    • Puppet

Heads Up!

Be advised that a 10 min screener is part of the application process. You can see an example here.