Case Studies

Software development is a highly dynamic process that focuses on solving the problems of end users by giving them a functional and flexible product that anticipates the complete range of their needs. These case studies are meant to explain The SilverLogic's development process from beginning to end by providing specific examples of how we have collaborated with clients to identify a unique problem and developed a sophisticated solution for it.


The SilverLogic works with clients to determine the best payment system for their programs. Our development teams make these suggestions based on what we believe will bring about the client’s greatest customer satisfaction. Plans based on user subscription are an option for clients looking to build a loyal customer base and receive consistent revenue.

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Native social share buttons and links that provide users with a convenient way to post content from an application to their social media pages is a great way to increase brand exposure and gain greater access to the company’s target audience.

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Integrating lagged payments into your platform can act as a safeguard to protect both buyer and seller and can serve to eliminate the risks they both face in these transactions. It allows buyers to purchase with confidence, knowing that they will not be charged until they have received the agreed upon product or service, and sellers feel secure knowing that buyers have placed funds in escrow before the transaction occurs.

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