Efficiency & Compliance

Efficiency & Compliance

Software that streamlines tedious, complicated, or repetitive tasks have the ability to save businesses both time and money. The birth of this software often comes from the recognition of an inefficient system and the foresight to know that technology can simplify it.

The SilverLogic recognizes the potential of programs geared toward efficiency, and has the technical ability to bring these ideas into existence. Large industry challenges can be overcome by incorporating custom software aimed at decreasing the amount of time and effort it takes to complete required tasks.


The Process

When client’s approach The SilverLogic with ideas for an efficiency application, one of the most important steps is to identify the main problems that arise with traditional methods of completing a task. While specific issues are different for each industry, many of the tedious, manual tasks that waste an employee’s time and cost a company money are similar throughout many fields.

ALF Boss is a program developed by The SilverLogic that facilitates the creation of industry required paperwork for assisted living facilities and makes it easier for them to schedule industry required trainings.

The founder of the application worked with The SilverLogic to identify the main issues that he thought were common throughout his industry:

  • Physical documents that detail information about their employees and residents take up a lot of space
  • Creating lists based on resident information is difficult and time-consuming because the information isn’t stored on a singular database
  • Scheduling multiple employees for industry-required training is challenging because each staff member has a different date of hire

With a solid grasp on the issues that needed to be tackled, The SilverLogic went through the development process, focusing on:

  • UI/UX design that anticipates the user’s needs and determines the most logical and appealing way to present features
  • Careful planning in the Functional Specifications and API design phases to account for the heavy backend admin engagement

The Designs

ALF Boss consists of a Staff File Compliance Helper, a Facesheet Helper, an Admission and Discharge Log, and an 1823 Creator. Each component tackles a separate task of an assisted learning facility’s administration. The program includes:

  • Connector.

    Flexible databases of

    • Documentation of employees’ personal information, work responsibilities, and completed trainings
    • Industry required staff trainings with the ability to create custom tasks
    • Resident information that can be used to create neat, easy-to-read facesheets

  • Connector.

    Auto-generated Lists of

    • Resident Admission/Discharge Log
    • Residents who have health requirements or special care for quick resident sorting

  • Connector.

    Helpful Reminders for

    • Employees that need to complete trainings
    • Necessary resident documentation
    • Form 1823 expiration dates

  • Connector.

    Sophisticated scheduling capabilities

    • easily create training events for staff that can always be updated

  • Connector.

    Innovative 1823 form creator

    • Allows users to email 1823s that need to be completed and sent directly to healthcare professionals who can complete the form on their phone or their tablet


The founder of ALF Boss came to The SilverLogic looking for a way to simplify and automate the tedious paperwork and scheduling tasks of an assisted learning facility. These tools nullify the necessity of hefty collections of paperwork, cut the amount of time spent on recordkeeping, and make maintaining compliance an easy, simplified process.

Currently, ALF Boss’ main component, the Staff Compliance Helper, is fully functional and readily available for use by any assisted living facility. The full package is soon to be available so that facilities can conveniently manage all aspects of their business. ALF Boss is now helping over 300 facilities maintain oversight, and is making paperwork and compliance the simplest part of running a facility.

The Future

During the development process, The SilverLogic creates a lasting bond with our clients. We pride ourselves on the fact that we deeply integrate ourselves into our clients’ teams. This momentum and camaraderie continues even after the product goes live.

The SilverLogic, is always available for hosting, server maintenance, support, and development of new features for your needs. We value relationships and seek long-lasting partnerships by working together enthusiastically and passionately.

Please feel free to contact Robert Okun at ro@tsl.io for more information.

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