VuPulse is the first technology platform for convenient, easy access to integrate the home video industry’s features and services into new platforms and apps.
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My Town Online Ordering Application


Your Town, Delivered

My Town is a social ordering application, in which friends, co-workers, and families, can order together, invite others to join orders, and then either split the bill, or pay individually, all from our free and easy to use app.

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Alf Boss Compliance Software

ALF Boss

An assisted living facility organizer that reminds you when actions regarding your staff files need to be completed.
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Crowdfunding Made Easy

FundThis is a place where everyone can donate to help fund your project and realize your dream. If you want to help others with their dreams, you can find a project you believe in and donate to be a part of the next big thing.
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FundThis Crowdfunding
Kidtrol Mobile Device Management


Mobile Phone Control

KIDTROL is a trusted mobile device management service designed specifically for responsible parents that want to remotely control their child’s ability to use third party apps on their child’s Android or Apple mobile phones, iPod Touch and Tablets.

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Find the internet near you. KAZU is the mobile app that gets you hassle free WiFi. Create an account to automatically connect at any of our hotspots and get your WiFi right away, in the places you need it most. Learn about the stores providing you WiFi and receive special promos and offers designed specifically for you.
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CashFlow Cast Budgeting and Forecasting Mobile App

CashFlow Cast

Organize your cash.

Monitor your bank account balances, view bills, track expenses and forecast saving and spending. Become money-wise by easily managing and organizing your bills, income and balances.

Simply add your account balance, bills (by due date), income (recurring paychecks or individual deposits), money transfers, etc. and enjoy CashFlowCast’s intuitive forecasting.

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Codenasium Mockup Screen


Codenasium is a non-profit code school located in Boca Raton, FL. They aim to help students discover their passion for programming and provide them with the skills necessary to be successful programmers.
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