Custom Software with Innovation and Culture at its core.

The SilverLogic is a custom software engineering company architecting innovative technology solutions that drive change and solve problems.

Our culture lays the foundation for us to be exceptional. We believe in and listen to one another and have a space to be creative, innovative, and share our ideas and be part of the solution.

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Professional Growth

To help guide professional growth we created Waystones™, Agile Salaries™, and Agile Growth™. These frameworks empower all of us with input into our own career paths and we work collaboratively together towards continuous improvement and growth.

Learning is a foundational piece of our culture

We are encouraged and rewarded for learning

We are inspired and elevated by those around us

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Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of work-life balance and enjoy a healthy employee focused time-off plan where we are encouraged to use our time. With a diverse team spread across the globe, each of us chooses Holidays that personally fit our beliefs and traditions. Vacation time increases yearly up to 30 days per year.

10 Holidays of your own choice

2 Weeks Vacation available immediately upon being hired

5 Personal days off per year

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Remote & Diverse

We offer remote opportunities that enable us to grow globally and strengthen our team. Our diversity allows us to deliver creative solutions from a variety of perspectives. Whether working side by side in our Boca Raton office or thousands of miles apart, we focus on building strong relationships with our teammates.

We share an amazing sense of belonging

Our culture promotes wellness and teamwork

We enjoy a comfortable environment that fits all cultures

Our core values

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