At TSL, we want you to be a part of something more. We want to eliminate the proverbial opinion of what “work” is by making things easier. TSL offers perks and benefits that try and make your worklife just feel like life life.

Snacks & Caffeine

Never worry about being tired again. From our snacks and candy bars to our secret stash of caffeine drink mixes, you will have the energy to move mountains. For the health conscious ones, we also have fresh veggies to snack on.

Flexible Work Hours

At TSL, we understand that there are many breeds of worker and we strive to make working comfortable. Whether you are a morning person, night owl, or somewhere in between, we will work with you on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Choose Your Holidays

Holidays are in the eye of the beholder. TSL works with talent from around the world and we believe every holiday should be accounted for. Not a big Halloween fan but Kwanzaa’s a tradition? Choose your holidays to fit your beliefs and traditions.

Learning Tree

We cultivate an environment to accelerate learning, reach excellence, and then pass our knowledge off to others. In this way, we are all always growing, learning, and reaching new heights.



Interface Builder and code with Auto Layout for gorgeous user interfaces

Cocoapods for package management

Objective C / Swift

Web Frontend

React (Angular for some projects)



Django REST Framework



Gradle for Package Management

Android Studio


Real-time Backend







Software Engineer

All our development is done by very cross-functional Scrum Dev Teams. There are various strengths that we make sure to have represented in every scrum team. Thus we are looking for talented, well-rounded software engineers with a primary and secondary strength amongst these skills: iOS, Android, Frontend, Backend (preferably Python and Django), DevOps, UI/UX Design, Web Design, QA). Love for terminal and git are a big plus.

Product Owner

The Product Owner is the liaison between client and the Scrum Dev Team. It requires a keen skill of being able to translate client requests into user stories and specification for the team.

Full Stack QA Engineer

We are taking regular QA to a next level with our Full Stack QA Engineers. Testing out a build before it goes to the client is good and necessary, but we start the process much earlier on and have QA fully integrated as part of the flow of the Scrum Dev Team.

Scrum Master

The Scrum Master facilitates the flow of the Scrum Team and makes sure every member as well as the team as a whole is always on track to continuous improvements of their scrum and engineering practices.


Please send links to sample code/resume/information about yourself and your experience (small personal projects are fine, we understand most of your work is probably under NDA) to . Please make sure that whatever code you do send has an updated README so we know what we’re looking at.