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Budgeting and forecasting cash flow can be hard and tedious. Ultimately, it comes down to knowing when money goes in and out. With Cashflow Cast, anybody can set up a simple cash flow in minutes and then enhance it with additional transactions as they occur.

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Budgeting Made Easy

With Cashflow Cast, anybody can set up a simple cash flow dashboard in minutes. Once all set, users know where their balance is heading and are kept aware of when payments are due .


This budgeting software Cast dynamically forecasts account balances into the future to make keeping track of expenses easier. The forecast calculates the balance for any range of time. Users can quickly add spur of the moment expenses on the fly right from the forecast feed. Well-known and expected items can be added as repeating expenses and incomes, such as car payments and paychecks.



The most important part about tracking and forecasting a balance is to stay on top when payments are due and when money will come in. This budgeting software’s reminder system allows users to not only to set how many days before and after to remind, but also to set custom times for each type of reminder making sure that the reminders catch the user at a time the reminder will actually be noticed.


Feeds and list views are great. When it comes to forecasting money, the budgeting software feed allows users to see balances tied to dates. The calendar feature allows users to easily skip into the future to inspect what their balance would be like given their current forecast of income and expenses. Users can still add and update items right from the calendar.

Custom Setting

Custom User Settings

When looking through many many numbers, it can be key for a trained eye to have the numbers represented in a familiar format. In addition to using proper internationalization and localization, CashFlow Cast also allows users to customize the display of numbers to their personal preferences as well as some other customizable features in the app.

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