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With the passing of the Affordable HealthCare Act, ensuring training compliance for assisted living facilities became more difficult than ever for facility administrators. The client, a second generation facility owner, came to TSL with an elegantly simple solution to this problem: a compliance software solution in which administrators would automatically be reminded when their employees were approaching upcoming deadlines for training requirements. Most employees have trainings due on different dates throughout the year, each schedule specific to their hiring timeline, position, and responsibilities, necessitating weekly reviews of each file to see when trainings would need to be scheduled.

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Automatic Reminders

ALF Boss ensures assisted living facility admins no longer have to dig into staff files to check on AHCA compliance requirements. Login, create your employees, add dates for completed events, and let ALF Boss remind you when to schedule your staff for upcoming training events.

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Knowing that this would be a data-heavy application geared towards users who might be less than tech-savvy, we were careful to craft an efficient, scalable backend architecture with an intuitive UI/UX to make operations as quick and simple as possible. Since much of what the user sees in ALF Boss happens in the backend admin panel, we were careful to insist on more careful planning in the Functional Specifications and API design phases than we ordinarily insist upon. This has allowed a great deal of flexibility for the different types of facility using it and has allowed the platform to keep up with requirement changes as new AHCA laws are enacted.

Employee Management

ALF managers create employee files according to position, responsibilities, prior training history, and type of facility. After setup, managers receive automated reminders about who is nearing deadlines, making compliance a breeze.

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Compliance Software Compliance meter

Compliance Requirements Modeling

It’s a compliance alarm clock: Since each employee has a different annual training calendar, manually coordinating events requires relentless last minute scheduling. Not so with ALF Boss–each state requirement is set and viewable in the system, allowing the admin to schedule events quickly, efficiently and on time.

Email Reminders

Set email reminders according to preferences noting when deadlines approach, who may be past deadline, and about upcoming events. After each event the admin can easily click to confirm who attended, automatically updating compliance status in file.

Compliance Software Manage events
Compliance Software Easily print employee details

Print Ready PDFs

When you schedule an event a PDF with full details is generated for easy printing and posting around the facility.

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