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Online Ordering Application

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MyTown is an application for ordering food online which is a very popular and growing industry. Interestingly, existing platforms in the marketplace have failed to address pain points associated with an online ordering application. MyTown’s goal is to revolutionize the experience of online ordering. MyTown’s innovative features include:
– Users choosing items, at the same time, from their own account
– Inviting people to join orders
– A rewards program
– Flexible payment options.

Components Used

components used

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Discover Great Places Near You

MyTown is an online ordering application in which friends, co-workers, and families, can order together as well as inviting others to join orders. Payment is never a problem as you can either split the bill, or pay individually, all from our free and easy to use app.

Group ordering made easy

Innovative Social Interface for users.
Manage multiple orders via
a. Invite Friends (create your network)
b. Group Settings (manage your features)
c. My Friends (manage your network)

Group ordering made easy
Pitch Coaching

Pitch Coaching

Provided advisory towards formalizing their business model including short and long term goals as they relate to building value and money trail. As a result, they achieved superior focus and presentation skills.

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