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    Convert the 'Buzz' into views and data

    Convert the “Buzz” into views and data

Reducing The Friction Between Social Discovery & Video Consumption.

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Convert the ‘BUZZ’ into views and Data

VuPulse reduces the friction between social discovery & video consumption.


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VuPulse has evolved from a universal API to connecting users to a simple way to convert social media interactions into views and data.

VuPulse VuCard

A VuCard represents a show or movie with information about the show. It allows the user to share that show via most major social media channels directly from the card with precomposed sharing dialogs. Each card can also be shared directly via its URL on social media and the post will automatically augment with content from the card. Most importantly, the card provides the user with direct links to various providers’ pages where they can watch, record, or set reminders for that show.


VuPulse Customization

Each VuCard can be customized in many ways to make the experience targeted for a each campaign. The customization also affects the social media sharing information. Another great part of the customized cards is that they each have a unique URL allowing tracking of each one.

VuPulse Social Sharing

Social media plays a huge part in promoting content and a platform. Each VuCard is configured to prefill social media posts with relevant information, such as show poster image, title, and description. The VuCards also allows users to share right from viewing the card to ease the process.

Social Sharing

VuPulse Content Scrapers

Many of the TV providers do not provide easy, clean access to their data via APIs or even any other way at all. The scrapers developed for VuPulse, scrape all movies and TV shows from the eight largest TV providers and connect it with an IMDb data set.

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