Our marketing team brings a variety of data and analytics backgrounds to the table, with experience in digital marketing, economics, psychology, and neuroscience. The SilverLogic brings a depth of expertise to the table that allows us to take a variety of creative approaches to how we optimize our marketing strategy and maximize return for our clients. We’re always looking to make data-informed decisions about how we help clients and brands tell their stories.

What we do

We start with a client’s idea and take a data-driven approach to making it happen, using custom-built tools to track press and media, social posts, page visits, and conversions. We deep dive into the data to extract meaningful insights that drive measurable growth and increase their bottom-line.

How we do

We leverage a number of custom-built tracking and analytics solutions for our clients that allow us to dig into data at a much deeper level than many traditional agencies.
Our cross-functional capabilities allow us to break down large, complex data sets with advanced statistical and analytics tools that go well beyond many of the traditional metrics used in digital marketing and advertising. We’re always looking for hidden gem in our data that will translate to engagement and revenue gains for our client.

Need a smart analytics solution? We want to help make it happen.