Data Analytics


Our team includes experts in data and analytics from various backgrounds, including digital marketing, economics, psychology, and neuroscience. In order to optimize our marketing strategy and maximize return on investment, we use a variety of creative approaches developed by The SilverLogic. Data-driven decisions are always at the forefront of our strategy when it comes to helping brands and clients tell their stories.

What we do

Utilizing custom-built tools for tracking press and media, social posts, page views, and conversions, we create client-specific ideas and make them a reality. Through deep data analysis, we uncover insights that increase their bottom line while causing measurable growth.

How we do

With the help of custom-built tracking and analytics solutions, we are able to dig much deeper into client data than many traditional agencies.
In addition to traditional metrics used in digital marketing and advertising, our cross-functional capabilities allow us to analyze large, complex data sets with advanced statistical and analytics tools. We’re always looking for that hidden gem in our data that will translate to engagement and revenue gains for our clients.

Need a smart analytics solution? We want to help make it happen.