Most consumer-facing or business-internal software applications share a set of common features: authentication, notifications, profile management, et cetera. While the use of frameworks and white labels is an option, many custom solutions are forced to build these features from scratch to meet the unique needs of their users and business rules.. TSL developed our BaseApp framework to help us avoid reinventing the wheel and to begin delivering tangible value to our clients as quickly as possible.

What we do

BaseApp is a use case-agnostic, fully functional web and native mobile platform developed by TSL to serve as the foundation for our client's applications. On top of the BaseApp core module, industry-specific feature modules can be configured and added. A number of BaseApp modules have been developed to manage staffing, user management, scheduling, accounting, invoice auditing, social interactions, point of sale, and more. There are also several modules that support integrations with popular external platforms, such as Google Maps, QuickBooks Online, and social networks.

How we do

TSL's modular approach ensures that the software it produces is custom-tailored solely to the needs of its clients while allowing it to be adaptable and scalable. Implementations can either use the stock BaseApp versions of the given functionality or request that TSL customize them. In order to keep our clients' platforms efficient, competitive, and modern, we integrate new features of SAAS applications similar to our clients into relevant existing BaseApp modules. Clients can also easily have their application configured as a white label and license it to other users or sell existing implementations.


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