For any software client there are certain must-have features: authentication, notifications, profile management, etc. While software agencies can utilize open-source code and other 3rd-party resources to speed up the pace of development, compatibility and security limitations typically demand that such features be built from scratch. To avoid repeatedly reinventing the same wheels and begin delivering tangible value to our clients as quickly as possible, TSL built BaseApp.

What we do

At the core of BaseApp is a use case- agnostic, fully functional web and native mobile platform developed by TSL to serve as a foundation for our clients’ applications. Atop the BaseApp core module, feature modules pre-built for various use cases and industries can be added and configured. BaseApp feature modules have been built for staffing management, user management, scheduling, accounting, invoice auditing, social interactions, point of sale, and more. Several modules also include integrations with commonly used external platforms, such as Google Maps, QuickBooks Online, social networks, ect.

How we do

This modular approach provides TSL's clients with software tailored solely to their needs while ensuring adaptability and scalability. An implementation can either use the stock BaseApp version of a given functionality or request a version be customized by TSL. As new features become common across SAAS applications similar to our clients', they’re added to relevant existing BaseApp modules, keeping the clients’ platforms efficient, competitive and modern. Clients can easily have their application configured as a whitelabel and license it to other users, or sell an existing implementation outright.


Build your competitive edge.