Code Audit


Our teams of developers and engineers review source code to search for potential security risks and violations of proper programming practices. By using real, experienced programmers, we are able to recognize breaches in convention that would otherwise go unnoticed and automated tests assist our programmers in discovering holes in the code.

What we do

Examine the current structure of the code.
Search for bugs and security weaknesses.
Compare with proper programming protocol.
Create a detailed report that:
Highlights the source code’s strengths and its potential weaknesses.
Recommends how to proceed with the project.
Build on top of what is already created or start from scratch.
Are files structured optimally?
Are all dependencies stable, reliable, and consistently maintained?
How is the networking setup?
Is the test suite handling every possible use case?
How are errors handled?

Is the UX intuitive and logical?

How we do

Experience writing and maintaining code.
Knowledge in a wide array of programming languages.
Mastery of Android, iOS, backend, and frontend development.
Full understanding of good engineering practices (GEP).
Proficiency in protocol oriented programming (POP) and object oriented programming (OOP), and the ability to determine which is best for your project based on its complexity.

Have some code that you need to have audited? We want to help.