The SilverLogic works with clients to determine the best payment system for their programs. Our development teams make these suggestions based on what we believe will bring about the client’s greatest customer satisfaction. Plans based on user subscription are an option for clients looking to build a loyal customer base and receive consistent revenue.


We recognize that a payment system based on paid subscription services has multiple benefits over other strategies:


85% of revenue from the Apple Store goes to clients using auto-renewable subscription services in their applications after users accumulate 1 year of service (Compare this to 70% revenue for pay per download and one-time in-application purchases)


Subscriptions are paid for online, directly in the application

Customers can subscribe and unsubscribe at their convenience


Unlike traditional, one-time sales, customers continue to generate revenue — even when new customers join


Payment comes at the same time for every pay period


In the beginning stages of development, our product owners and clients carefully consider and discuss the nature of each application before determining which payment service to commit to. Plans based on user subscription are an option for clients looking to build a loyal customer base and receive consistent revenue. We recommend these plans for programs that:

  • Contain content that is regularly updated
  • Promote frequent user interaction
  • Offer free trials

When Link to Fitness and ALF Boss came to The SilverLogic, the development teams collaborated with the founders to design a realistic and reliable payment system for the two.

Link to Fitness, LLC requested an application that could connect personal fitness trainers with users who could purchase, complete, and track custom workout plans that the trainers have created. This meant:

  • Users would use the application every time they exercised
  • Trainers would regularly create new Workout Plans for their users

The founder of ALF Boss requested a compliance and efficiency software that could help assisted living facilities manage staff trainings and resident information. This meant that:

  • Users would use the application daily to maintain facility information
  • Trainings would be updated to remain current with industry requirements

Because these applications were likely to develop a dedicated user base who would rely on the program to complete necessary tasks, it was eventually decided that both applications would benefit most from including user subscriptions.



The SilverLogic recognized the complexity of building a subscription service for Link to Fitness. Link to Fitness has two users: personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. The way users interact with the app is based on their type. Trainers create workouts and enthusiasts buy and complete workouts. This meant that there needed to be separate subscriptions for trainers and enthusiasts.


The client and our teams decided that trainers should pay a flat, per-month fee to access workouts and Link to Fitness enthusiasts.

  • 60 Day Free trial period – allows new trainers to test Link to Fitness before they decide to purchase a subscription. Blocked by a paywall after trial period ends
  • Certified Trainer Subscription – pay per month. They receive more money for their workouts than basic, non-paying trainers


The enthusiast portal is based on an activation system for each workout.

  • Free Activations – the basic Staff Compliance Helper is available to assisted living facilities
  • Subscription – receive a certain amount of activations per month. There are two levels of subscription for enthusiasts depending on how many activations they would like to choose


ALF Boss consists of four parts— the Staff Compliance Helper, Facesheet Helper, Admission and Discharge Helper, and 1823 Helper— each help with a different asset of running a facility.

  • Free Program – the basic Staff Compliance Helper is available to assisted living facilities
  • 1 Month Free-Trial Period – for the user to test out the complete staff and resident
  • Complete Package – users must subscribe to receive the complete package
    • Monthly subscribers – pay on a monthly basis
    • Annual subscribers – pay for an entire year of use. Have the option to be billed annually or to pay the fee as three payments throughout the year


The SilverLogic has successfully developed two programs that are funded based on user subscriptions. By brainstorming with the client about the most convenient payment options for users, The SilverLogic identified the qualities of the programs that would support subscription services.

Link to Fitness is now live and available for use in the Apple App Store. Users on either side of the fitness spectrum recognize the convenience and affordability of the user subscription options available to them. Link to Fitness easily fits into the lives of professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts of all types, and makes connecting trainers with the public easier than ever before.

ALF Boss’ main component, the Staff Compliance Helper, is fully functional and readily available for use by any assisted living facility. The full package is soon to be available so that facilities can conveniently manage all aspects of their business. ALF Boss is currently helping over 300 facilities maintain oversight, making paperwork and compliance the simplest part of running a facility.


During the development process, The SilverLogic creates a lasting bond with our clients. We pride ourselves on the fact that we deeply integrate ourselves into our clients’ teams. This momentum and camaraderie continues even after the product goes live.

The SilverLogic is always available for hosting, server maintenance, support, and development of new features for your needs. We value relationships and seek long-lasting partnerships by working together enthusiastically and passionately.
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