Florida’s Ultimate Heavy Hauling & Rigging

Fast and Efficient Hauling
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Components Used

  • Django Admin
  • iOS Application
  • VerizonConnect Data Scraper
  • QuickBooks Online Integrations

What We Did

Florida’s Ultimate Heavy Hauling & Rigging specializes in delivering equipment, like cranes, to job sites on behalf of rental companies. A single delivery may span the course of a day, with drivers picking up loads in the early hours of the morning and finishing late at night. Several stops must be made for each job, to gather and complete paperwork required by parties to the transaction, obtain signatures for invoicing, and take photos of cargo for inspections and insurance. In addition to this, prior to TSL’s involvement drivers had to hand-deliver hard copies of invoices to Florida’s Ultimate HQ at the end of each day. This process was not only logistically taxing for drivers and administrators but reduced the company's profit potential due to these end-of-day trips. The President of Florida’s Ultimate approached The SilverLogic seeking to transition their company into digital invoicing. To that end, we built a robust inspection and invoice management platform seamlessly integrated with Florida Ultimate’s existing platforms — VerizonConnect Work and QuickBooks Online — to make paperwork a breeze, with virtually no learning curve for workers. Drivers now use a custom iOS application on a cell service- enabled company iPad, which automatically compiles all job information in the system into a ready-to-sign digital invoice. Once completed in the app by the driver, the invoice and inspection documents are automatically exported to QuickBooks Online for receipt distribution. Inspections can be made at the time of departure or arrival with the device’s camera, as the application automatically uploads evidence of cargo quality to the company platform. Since our client began using the platform, the time spent filling out and delivering invoice paperwork has decreased by a lucrative 75%. With paperwork largely out of their way, drivers can focus on making fast, efficient deliveries while internal staff can focus on getting more deals.

How We Did It

We worked closely with Florida Ultimate to integrate our software solution into her workplace’s existing systems and workflow. For example, to integrate the application with their Verizon Connect data, we employed data scraping technology. Data scrapers are automated bots that visit websites and dissect its HTML source code for valuable information, very useful in lieu of a standardized API. We also implemented QuickBooks integrations for easy invoice review and distribution, actually importing the invoices to QBO. An admin portal would also be the perfect tool for office administrators to manage and examine every step of their delivery process. So, we built one from the ground up using the Django web framework.

Seamless Flow of Data mockup

Seamless Flow of Data

Manipulating company data is paramount to ensuring daily efficiency, and we at The SilverLogic established seamless data pathing to enable all of Florida Ultimate’s business platforms to communicate with each other through a centralized platform. With each job, a dispatcher can create the job’s entry in VerizonConnect, which is automatically uploaded to our iOS application. Then, the driver can use the application to fill in relevant signatures, which gets exported to the admin portal for review before moving to QuickBooks. Each worker manages one point of this data’s flow, and our software takes care of everything else.

Intuitive UI and UX mockup

Intuitive UI and UX

Software meant to aid workers in their jobs should always be intuitive to use by said workers. While every company has tech-savvy employees, not everyone has the time or dedication to learn complex software, and so an intuitive UI and UX is key to incorporating a software tool into our client’s workflow realistically. Our invoice management software and iOS app for Florida’s Ultimate is designed to be picked up and used without a learning curve, so clients can see an immediate ROI and their businesses can carry on as usual, only with better results.