Brokering Platform

Custom end-to-end service brokering automation.
Brokering Platform mockup

Components Used

  • custom-designed web portal
  • scrapers and parsers
  • geolocation
  • email integrations
  • billing automation
  • QuickBooks Desktop automation

What We Did

The SilverLogic jumped into a series of meetings with the client to learn their internal processes and devised business automation and digital transformation strategy using scrapers, integrations, and other logic to streamline their operations end-to-end, from soliciting bids from new vendors to invoicing their customers each month.

How We Did It

First, the client’s legacy data was exported from an unwieldy, expensive enterprise CRM into a custom web platform as designed with the client. Then we implemented scrapers to import vendor invoices, using geocoding to link the invoice data to contract data. Over time, we added automations for bidding, sales, billing, auditing, and reporting workflows. Throughout the project we’ve worked alongside staff in each department to determine which low-context tasks take the most time and provided tools and automations for them, enabling the company to shift the bulk of their staff from billing to sales roles. After the first year of the project, the company saw a 40% increase in profit -- with a minimal addition of personnel.

Automated RFP mockup

Automated RFP

Sales department staff can auto-create and email online RFPs for vendors, from which a digital contract is auto-generated for the winning bid. Vendor contract data are automatically linked to the vendor’s invoices, which are scraped and imported nightly. Tools for auditing vendor invoices leave minimal context-heavy steps for the human user, reducing the time spent per invoice audit from 20+ minutes to one. For billing discrepancies found during an audit, staff can send an online invoice through the application to the vendor with contract terms and details about the discrepancies. After audits are done, any charges found to be the customer’s responsibility are automatically itemized in customer invoices. The application also offers various dashboards and reporting features so staff can track and be alerted to events at each stage of the sales and billing cycles.