Cost-Transparent, Direct Healthcare
HEALTHdrum mockup

Components Used

  • Web App
  • Admin Portal

What We Did

When Dr. Vortsman approached The SilverLogic with his unique business opportunity, he was looking to provide a much-needed service across Florida and eventually nationwide. The obstacle, however, was creating a future-proof and user-friendly platform that local doctors would register to. In addition, it would have to provide users transparency and convenience. With the potential of business growth to a large scale, your platforms and systems require scalability to stay efficient throughout your company’s development. We created the HEALTHdrum platform, which connects doctors who provide clear and transparent pricing information with customers who do not want to deal with the possibility of an unexpectedly high bill at the end of their treatment, such as those who cannot afford to due to their insurance, for example. We made the vision a reality through expert coding, thought leadership, and solution architecture, building Dr. Vortsman everything he needs to get his business off the ground. Users can navigate a sleek interface and hone their search by desired doctor, location, procedure, or cost, with personalized profiles for each medical professional.

How We Did It

In order to search through a complex database of doctors, procedures, costs, and locations, our software development teams created a robust search engine for HEALTHdrum. Users have access to a magical search bar and a helpful tag system, to hone your search in on the exact options they need. HealthDrum’s intent was to facilitate the search for medical options, for routine procedures or such, and we at The SilverLogic used the website development process, communicating with our client, to double down on this intent and make the search experience itself as easy and clear as possible. HEALTHdrum is now live, with recent success and a wealth of doctors having signed up for the platform throughout the state of Florida.