Finding Clinical Trials
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Components Used

    What We Did

    Labrynth needed an admin portal, an iOS app, and an Android app, with an emphasis on readability and UI/UX design. The reason that most current platforms for medical trials are so difficult to navigate is because of their poor interface design and highly inconsistent use of formatting and medical terminology. Not to mention that their search functions are lackluster. Loudani needed to find a way to standardize the field’s terminology, tailor searches for individual people, and ensure his platform was clear, user friendly, and efficient. Solution The Labrynth platform we designed has a beautiful user interface, both on mobile and the web browser app, for easy navigation. Users can create an accounts and add their medical information—such as age, sex, height, weight, any pre-existing conditions, and location—to instantly narrow down the search for medical trials to those that are accepting patients in their specific demographic. All trial listings are presented in an informative and organized fashion for user consideration, and the platform also allows users to reach out and register for these trials conveniently and swiftly.

    How We Did It

    The Labrynth platform is managed through a Django admin backend, allowing the developers to manage everything they need about their application. For more economical value, we customized the admin backend with Django’s Jet extension which enabled us to effectively tailor the platform to be more user friendly for our clients as well. With little training, they were ready to go. Furthermore, the information on medical trial listings is obtained through data scraping from a variety of standard websites, collecting them and standardizing their terminology across the different sources for a unified medical lexicon. This aspect of development was particularly involved, as we learned the ins and outs of medical treatment vocabulary to provide Labrynth with an excellent medical platform. This is the level of polish and dedication that we provide for our clients.

    User-Tailored Search mockup

    User-Tailored Search

    Labrynth allows users to build a profile and search through thousands of medical trial listings that can be filtered based on their user information. Large databases can be navigated in efficient ways with the right technology. Our software for Labrynth takes every piece of data, ranging from age to geographical location, to deliver the options that are most relevant to users, with no hassle.