Finding Clinical Trials
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Components Used

    What We Did

    A client approached The SilverLogic with an idea for an app that would facilitate pairing clinicians and potential participants for medical trials. After much discussion, our clients agreed to start this development journey and collaborate with us to create the platform, Labrynth.

    The Labrynth platform needed an admin portal, an iOS app, an Android app, and a React web app emphasizing readability and UI/UX design. The reason that most current platforms for medical trials are so difficult to navigate is because of their poor interface design and highly inconsistent use of formatting and medical terminology. Additionally, competing sites that offer this information are geared toward recruiters and study managers and not potential participants who may be overwhelmed by poor design and usability. Not to mention that their search functions are lackluster.

    For Labrynth to be successful we needed to find a way to normalize study listing terminology, tailor searches for individual people, and ensure the platform was clear, user-friendly, and efficient. As part of the solution, our client was heavily involved in designing the mobile and web app user interface for easy navigation. Users create an account and add their medical information — such as age, sex, height, weight, pre-existing conditions, and location — to instantly narrow the search for medical trials to those accepting patients in their specific demographic. Trial listings are presented to the user in an organized fashion with a focus on study participants' key considerations, and the platform allows users to pre-register for trials conveniently and quickly.

    How We Did It

    The Labrynth platform is managed through a Django admin backend, allowing the client and developers to manage the application. We tailored Django’s out-of-the-box administration panel to the client's day-to-day needs, precluding the need for a custom-built admin platform. As a result, we could devote far more of the initial development budget to user-facing features.

    When potential study participants express an interest in a given study, the parsed study data is fed to a 3rd-party tool to autogenerate a pre-screening survey for them. With a little training, they were ready to manage the platform. The medical trial listings data is obtained by scraping a variety of websites, the resulting data from which are parsed and normalized to adhere to a unified medical lexicon. This aspect of development was particularly involved as we learned the “ins and outs” of the clinical trials industry to provide Labrynth with an excellent medical platform. This is the level of polish and dedication that we strive to provide for all our clients and The SilverLogic is proud of our work on the Labrynth platform.

    User-Tailored Search mockup

    User-Tailored Search

    Labrynth allows users to build a profile and search through thousands of medical trial listings that can be filtered based on their user information. Large databases can be navigated in efficient ways with the right technology. Our software for Labrynth takes every piece of data, ranging from age to geographical location, to deliver the options that are most relevant to users, with no hassle.