Automating the ALF industry.
ALFBoss mockup

Components Used

  • Django admin
  • Web platform
  • Native iOS & Android apps

What We Did

Assisted living facilities (ALFs) are heavily regulated by state agencies, who require various recurring training for staff and resident documentation, the rules for which can change annually. Fed up with managing his facility’s records using email and paper files, a lifelong ALF administrator wished for an application to help assisted living facility operators manage their training and documentation and approached TSL. Each year, dozens of training sessions are required for ALF staff under state law, specific to the position and the type of facility they work in. As ALF staff tend to change jobs often, it’s difficult to ensure all staff has completed all their training for a given time period -- and facilities can face fines in the thousands if their employees don’t complete these training sessions when due. For residents in ALFs, operators must maintain admission logs and other forms. ALF residents must undergo annual examinations with the facility director and an outside physician. As with staff, resident turnover is high in ALFs, so tracking resident forms and coordinating exams can prove difficult. Missing these forms and exams could result in fines to the facility or health consequences for residents.

How We Did It

The SilverLogic working closely with the client created a Staff Module reminding the director when training sessions and other requirements are upcoming or due, sending training schedule confirmations, and tracks required certificates. This way, when the government asks for documentation, the directors are able to retrieve all the required documents and evidence of training to avoid getting fines. ALFBoss now is a webapp used by independent assisted living facility directors to track regular state-mandated training compliance and required exams for staff.