Streamlining the single largest bottleneck for every agency, approvals.
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Components Used

  • Web
  • Admin
  • API integration

What We Did

Like many companies, The SilverLogic faced the classic challenge of optimizing their sales process. TSL developed from the ground up – from ideation to realization – Approvd, a platform providing a centralized, user-friendly portal where all collaboration and interaction between companies and their clients is easily organized and tracked, allowing them to stay on top of every aspect of a project from requests and questions to approvals and budgeting.

How We Did It

After thorough research on best practices, we created a completely transparent approval tool that not only tracks all comments, requests, questions, and approvals but also helps build customer relationship and trust. The SilverLogic has engineered a way for companies to stay in control of the entire scope of their projects and eliminate wasted hours spent on trying to organize communications that typically come through email. Managers and clients can monitor the overall budget for a project as well as easily see the breakdown of costs for individual features and analyze the percentage of budget spent versus what remains. Approvd helps maintain open communication and resolve discrepancies by creating a digital mini contract.

What is mockup

What is is a centralized budget-friendly approval portal that provides both a company and its clients with complete transparency throughout the entire development process. It facilitates open collaboration and provides the interaction needed to streamline a project from beginning to end. Organized and easy to use, enables your organization to monitor and track all aspects of a project, including communications, approvals, and budgeting, while eliminating discrepancies and improving overall productivity and efficiency.