Delivery Dudes

Nationwide Food Delivery
Delivery Dudes mockup

Components Used

  • Web App
  • Admin Portal
  • Frontend Integrations (React)
  • Backend Integrations (GoLang)
  • Business Automation

What We Did

The challenge of a business model such as theirs involved overcoming the hurdle of recruiting local businesses to register for their platform. They had the business skills and their partnership deals were mutually beneficial. However, without an intuitive and simple platform, most restaurants wouldn’t bother to keep up with the partnership, and without reliable partnerships, Delivery Dudes would have never achieved the astronomical successes it has today. The most demanding requirements of such a platform are in its backend integrations and admin portals, having to give partnered restaurants the ability to adjust their own menus on the app, offer optional ingredients that customers can mix and match, inform the system that they are out of a certain ingredient, etc. The solution: Restaurant Manager, a sleek web application that makes menu management both comprehensive and intuitive to use, with full admin control for managers over their restaurant’s offerings and ingredient availability. The software tacks big data such as specific orders, receipts for each, editable menus, and all information that customers could need. Restaurant Manager is easy to use, easy to sell, and easy to partner with.

How We Did It

We worked closely with Delivery Dudes to ensure that this convenient food delivery service could always be convenient, even backstage, despite the process of case-by-case integration being extremely involved. So, solution architects and coding experts at The SilverLogic built intelligent automated templates, intuitive data interfacing systems, and a sleek presentation to facilitate Delivery Dudes’ deals. Their product was now ready to build its consumer base, and this restaurant-to-platform portal continues to operate at peak efficiency as Delivery Dudes has grown to serve over 80 cities.

Intuitive Database mockup

Intuitive Database

The SilverLogic’s team of solution architects designed an elegant and intuitive system for keeping track of menu options and ingredients, to save every restaurant manager ample amounts of time while using the Delivery Dudes platform. Option Group Templates manage extensive amounts of data for the user and allow companies affiliated with Delivery Dudes to manage their menus instantly, ensuring that the Delivery Dudes partnership is accessible, easy, and profitable for both businesses. Nationwide data doesn’t have to be overwhelming, with the help of intelligent design and the right technology.