Reinventing the way inspections are done.
Inspected mockup

Components Used

  • CWeb App (Inspector side)
  • Web App (contractor side)
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Geo-Location verification
  • Twilio video calls
  • Backend Integrations

What We Did

Permit inspections get backlogged pretty quickly as it takes too much time for inspectors to travel from site to site and perform the necessary inspections to keep up with the demand. Inspected came to us with an idea of building an app that gives municipalities and their inspectors the ability to perform accurately, located, and remote inspections directly from their office. This would allow them to eliminate travel time and ultimately perform countless more inspections day to day, saving municipalities time and money. In production just a short time before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the demand for remote inspections grew tremendously as health guidelines for social distancing became a worldwide practice. The SilverLogic thought through the idea and scoped out the entire flow from the inspector web app to the contractor/homeowner mobile app. Cities can easily create permits and inspections on the web app which automatically notifies the contractor to download the iOS or Android Inspected app and schedule their inspection by choosing from available times based on the city’s schedule. Inspectors and contractors join a remote video inspection where the inspector can record the inspection, add photos and notes, and ultimately pass or fail the inspection accordingly.

How We Did It

Working closely with The Inspected team as we do on every project, The SilverLogic scoped out and implemented the flow from the client’s concept to design and development. Using Twilio (a third-party communications library) we programmed our very own video-chat used between different types of users that could verify location and determine the outcome of permit inspections. With feedback from active users, we are able to determine how to continually tweak different aspects of the flow to help improve the product and give the consumer better user experience.