Online Ordering Application

Components Used

  • iOS
  • API
  • API Document
  • Admin
  • Marketing

What We Did

MyTown is an application that aims to revolutionize the online ordering experience. Tailored to customer’s needs, MyTown provides them with a convenient way to order food and more from local businesses in your community. Friends, co-workers, and families, can order together and pay however is most convenient for them. MyTown does all the calculations for split payments, taking the stress out of placing orders as a group.

How We Did It

We created an innovative social interface for users that allows users to discover local businesses and view their menus and product lists. Users can order what they’d like from these lists and select the ordering options that fit their needs.


When placing an order, users have their own virtual basket where they can select the items they want to order. They can invite their friends to join the order and each member of the group can update the basket in real-time.


With options for delivery or pickup, credit card or cash, and advanced options to split payments between groups, MyTown offers users full-range payment capabilities that make online ordering a breeze.