Collecting and sharing thousands of recipes per month.
Recimee mockup

Components Used

  • WebApp Django-React
  • Admin Portal

What We Did

Our clients had a bright vision but no means to create their web platform with all its complex features. For instance, uploading and importing recipes, managing shopping lists, and implementing social options were all particularly involved features to implement—paramount to the service fulfilling its intended purpose and gaining traction with a user base. Consequently, the platform would require the ability to create and customize user accounts, follow other user accounts, create and share shopping lists, manage a native calendar, multiply recipe ingredients for varying portion sizes, and fill forms to upload personal recipes. Recimee’s mission to make cooking at home simple and enjoyable was straightforward, but the network of interconnected features the platform needed was naturally more involved.

How We Did It

We worked closely with our client entrepreneurs to go through Recimee’s feature wishlist and systematically build everything the platform needed—to offer the easy, convenient user experience that it promised. Tying together different aspects of the platform during the design process was a challenge that actually resulted in its most convenient features. For instance, we noticed that user shopping lists should be shared amongst family members, so anyone within a household who goes shopping for groceries can find their next family meal’s ingredients. And this level of polished though and functionality is what The SilverLogic’s trademark solution architecture and software consulting provide. The Recimee platform we developed offers a sleek and friendly user experience, live on their website now. As requested, users have the ability to create and customize their profiles, browse curated recipes to add to their Kitchen, upload and categorize their own recipes on the platform, create shopping lists based on their meal selections, and share those shopping lists with other users. Users can even generate shopping lists based on recipes from other established websites, or from the curated selection of meals on the Recimee catalog. It has everything users need to feel inspired and organized, motivated to try cooking something new. The web application may appear simple, but it offers a wealth of interconnected functionality for convenient day-to-day use.

Fully-Integrated Data mockup

Fully-Integrated Data

We enabled Recimee to interface with other web resources, such as established recipe sources. So, in our web platform, creating a customized shopping list based on an online recipe is as simple as pasting a URL. This shopping list can even be shared with family members’ accounts, so whoever goes grocery shopping can know what ingredients to find for this weekend’s meal. Whether you find a recipe online, on the curated Recimee menu, or from a family member, all of this data flows seamlessly throughout the platform for the most convenient and intuitive user experience.