Accessible Real Estate Expertise
VMap mockup

Components Used

  • Web App
  • Frontend Integrations (React, MapBox, Open Layers)

What We Did

The platform we developed, VMap, is a comprehensive real estate tool for both realtors and everyday users to easily find up-to-date information on local Florida properties. The web application visualizes the local South Florida area, using MapBox integrations, and provides unique insider information to users, such as all school zones for each available property, city plans for upcoming construction projects, and distances to nearby emergency services, parks, religious centers, etc. VMap is now up and running, accessible online for Florida users at https://www.vmap.ai/. Our clients were able to list the special features and functionalities that they knew the software would need, to compete with long-standing real estate platforms such as MLS. Industry-specific platforms, such as within real estate, require both knowledge of the target industry and the technology industry to develop, with principles of software design. VMap, for instance, needed a seamless user experience that would allow real estate agents to find the insider information they need as quickly and intuitively as possible.

How We Did It

We worked closely with our client to ensure the software we built to fit all of their prerequisites and business needs with quality coding. The platform’s property database can be navigated seamlessly with MapBox integrations, color-coded zones, location pins, and a variety of location filters to ensure users can find the perfect property with the least amount of clicks possible. We implemented filters ranging from average monthly HOA, to whether the property is in a gated community, to whether it fits a certain home type—such as an apartment, a condo, or even a senior home. And our reporting and feedback system ensures the integrity and accountability of the information provided, so that no second-guessing or further fact-checking is necessary.

Leaving MLS Behind mockup

Leaving MLS Behind

In order to enter the market competitively, VMap needed a wealth of intersectional, on-hand property information. Some of that information is not easy to retrieve, such as overlapping school zones, which requires the system to intelligently factor countless Florida areas and school entities into every property search. Our team of software development experts gave VMap full school zone functionality, putting it ahead of its competition like MLS.